How to configure for no-www : The Official Microsoft IIS Site

I’m taking note of this link on how to configure for no-www from  The Official Microsoft IIS Site. It took a bit of Google searching to find, although it was really easy to find how to do the same task using an Apache web server (use rewrite rules for .htaccess ).

HOWTO: VS 2008 Fix for ASP.Net MVC and new project errors

This may have been fixed by now with the release of ASP.Net MVC 1.0 RC, but using ASP.Net MVC Beta 1 to create a new project with xUnit.Net tests always generated the error “The name ‘GlobalApplication’ does not exist in the current context” when you first compile, something a bit daunting to any developer now trying to ‘get’ ASP.Net MVC.

This Codeplex discussion has the answer.

Basically rename all instances of GlobalApplication to MvcApplication in the Test project and things should compile and run fine. If you want to know exactly why this works, you can take a read of this cool article on the anatomy of an ASP.Net MVC Application.