Amazon S3 Firefox OrganizerS3Fox :: Firefox Add-ons

For any active developer used to FTP goodness of the FileZilla GUI, this Firefox plugin to Amazon S3 is very appealing, especially as its right there in your browser tray. If you get trouble downloading it from the S3Fox Organizer home page, try to download from here.

S3Drive – Amazon S3 filesystem

S3Drive – Amazon S3 Filesystem. Given the complexity of changes I’d have needed to make to the BlogEngine.Net codebase if I wanted to store all my application data (files, settings, images etc) in a remote storage location accessible only via HTTP rather than a local filesystem accessible via normal file handling routines, this program offers the facade I was looking for to provide an excellent compromise. Now it’s just to test it to see how stable it is at handling the redirection of my “App_Data” folder to it.